Frequently Asked Questions

car warrantyWhy do I need an extended car warranty?

Cars can be one of your biggest investments in your lifetime. Without it you wouldn't be able to get to work, pick the kids up from school or even go to the grocery store. Most new cars come with a limited warranty that ensures any manufacturer defects are covered by the dealer, but they don't cover everything. That's why its imperative that you get an extended car warranty. An extended car warranty will ensure that your car is always in the best possible mechanical condition possible and will ensure you avoid costly repair bills. The best part of an extended car warranty is that they are fully transferable if you ever sell your car.

Do extended car warranties increase the value of my car?

Yes, they do. Have you ever bought a used car before? Not knowing what the last owner put the car through and how much longer its got before something dies is nerve wracking! But just like with a home warranty, you never have to worry about your car

What are the benefits of an extended car warranty?