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I started Extended Car Warranty back in 2011 after doing exhaustive research on which extended auto warranty companies provides the best price for the best coverage and actually delivered on what they promise.

At the time, I wasn't looking to become the authority on extended car warranties. I only knew that my car's engine and transmission were about to die and that the air conditioning was on its last leg.

I wanted to just buy a new car, but I had just gotten out of college and started my career and couldn't yet afford a new car. So, I knew my only other option was to get an extended car warranty as a hedge against the inevitable costly auto repair costs that would soon be coming my way.

And I'm SO glad I did, because just over three months later my engine seized up and was toast. It cost over $11,000 to fix and I didn't have to pay a dime thanks to the extended car warranty I bought. But let me backup a little and tell you how I found the best extended car warranty for my car.

After I got three quotes from different extended car warranty companies (ALWAYS get 2 to 3 quotes!), I then had to check their industry ratings and look for some online reviews. Back in 2011, there sure wasn't as much information online as there is today. So, I compiled all my data into an excel sheet and started sharing it here at ExtendedCarWarranty.com. Word spread about my website and the rest is history.

Since then, I've received hundreds of emails thanking me for sharing everything I've learned about extended car warranties and extended car warranty companies. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how my hard work is so appreciated so, now every three months I get new extended car warranty quotes on my current car and share the results here in order to keep my research fresh. Enjoy!

car warranty reviews

Choosing the right extended car warranty company comes down to knowing which ones actually deliver what they promise. Here are the ones I've reviewed recently and trust:

#1: Carchex
#2: Auto Protection Today
#3: National Auto Care
#4: Smart Auto Warranty
#5: United Auto Protection

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extended warranty companies

I update my reviews every 3 months to ensure you only deal with the best extended car warranty companies.

Car warranty Tips & FAQs

Tip #1: Always get 3-5 quotes before purchasing your extended car warranty

Question #1: Why do I need an extended car warranty?